Let’s face it – we all have them about something.

I am not ashamed to say I have had quite a few in my life. But then again I have consolation in the fact that I have TRIED to learn a lot of different things.

A couple of years back a supermarket was holding a sale of acoustic guitars and I had to buy one as i was convinced that it was not so hard to play any instrument (read music – who needs that – I am a natural!). Needless to say that I managed to learn 3 accords in 2 years and gave the instrument to my 7-year-old nephew who was fooling around with it and sounded better than me at my most serious.
But then again I was not actually practicing. I was more like – well it will come to me if I read about it. I do not really need to practice…NO…
That is why i fell such a great respect towards people that can play. It is hard and requires a lot of effort and commitment.

Another example of my misguided mind is of a more recent date and concerns one of the things I am still interested in – web design/development.
Having passed my IT exam at university and doing a project in Front Page, I naturally assumed all I had to do is drag and drop to make web pages. HAHAHAHA… Please, do not fall off your chair. I know it is funny I see it now. But let’s check it anyway:

I know now since I have been learning how to code but at the time, it was a valid assumption, right? Right????

Anyway, I think all people have wrong ideas about things they are not familiar with. They might just assume that they are too easy or too hard, too boring, too complicated, too mainstream, useless, overrated, outdated and what not.
But the point is, with so many different things you can learn nowadays and with sooooo many options to di it, I think it is insane to give up on something just because you have a certain idea about it but do not know for sure.

Google a bit and see what you can find out. You might just learn something new… Or give away the books you bought to your nephew so that he can learn.


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